Kitchen strategies to help you eat more healthily

Kitchen strategies to help you eat more healthily

We all love to indulge over the Christmas period, so many temptations, how can we not! But soon after the festivities are over comes the dreaded January, the party season is over, all the mince pies have been eaten and reality kicks in. Whether you’re a naturally healthy eater or you struggle to keep to a well balanced diet, there are ways you can arrange your kitchen and the way you place food in your kitchen to motivate you to eat better. Here we’ve shared 5 tips on how to do so, making January a more positive beginning and a fresh start to a healthy eating year….

1. A great way to get inspiration for tasty and healthy meals are recipe books. Put your favourite cook books in the kitchen on a shelf or stacked on the kitchen counter where they’re in good view. This will give you great inspiration to cook up those recipes you’ve been waiting to try rather than picking something ready made or order in.

2. We can all sympathise at the fact that we get super busy with such things like work, family, friends and just general life, trying to constantly balance everything at once. This sometimes leaves little to no time for coming up with meal ideas on the day. So why not plan your meals ahead of the week. Make a list of healthy and delicious recipes you would like to make and put it up on your fridge or on a board so its visible to you and the rest of the family. Plus you buy all the food you need over the weekend so theres no excuse to binge!

3. Get yourself a nice fruit bowl, get something you like the look of and something to admire! Place the fruit you buy in the bowl, and make sure you set yourself a target to eat at least two pieces of fruit each day. Sounds simple, but by buying a fruit bowl which you admire in your kitchen the fruit will seem more appealing to the eye.

4. A great way to jazz up your meals and make them healthier and more beneficial for you are fresh herbs! Get yourself a few pots of fresh parsley, mint, basil etc or whatever you prefer most and place in your kitchen where they can get some natural sunlight and they only require a little watering each day. I find this makes cooking more exciting especially when you’re getting nutrition and vitamins in your diet in such an easy way. Even more so – makes a prettier plate.

5. Invest in some nice tupperware, it’ll make prepping your nutritious lunches and breakfasts far more appealing and motivational. Plus they last a long time and great to have in the kitchen.