6 Great Ways To De-clutter Your Home

6 Great Ways To De-clutter Your Home

Hurrah, Summer is (finally) here! We’ve gathered 6 great ways to de-clutter your home so all you have to worry about is the development of your tan, take a look…

1. The best thing to start with is, make yourself a list to make sure you cover all areas you need to. Start with the least complex task and work your way up. Perhaps write down each room in your house or areas in the house you would like to tackle and work your way through. Nothing more satisfying than ticking things off a list.

2. Kitchens can always get quite bogged down with unused items, and sometimes you don’t even dare see what’s at the back of that cupboard you haven’t looked in for about 6 months, am I right? Go through each cupboard/cabinet/shelf, if you haven’t used that mug in a while, or that shelf can’t hold anymore plates, perhaps that cupboard needs a re-arranging, make time one by one and get de-cluttering. Be realistic about what you keep and toss as well.

3. I find bedrooms are always the biggest task. All those items of clothing you haven’t worn in years but can’t part with, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself “have I worn this in the last year?” if the answer is no, and its not of great value to you, you’re best giving it to a local charity shop, or selling online via various websites and apps you can download. We’ll admit it’s hard being brutal when it comes to your wardrobe, but in the longterm you will have a cleaner room and a clearer mind, as experts have proven having a cluttered or messy bedroom interferes with your sleep.

4. Cutting down on clutter in the bathroom will help you get ready for work quicker in the morning as well as help you get to bed earlier at night. When you know exactly where everything is that you need and you’re not hunting through tons of clutter to find the right shade of eye shadow or your medication, you instantly save time.  It’s also just healthier. Start with your cabinets, or whatever storage units you have in your bathroom, and use the same process of what needs binning and what needs sorting in it’s right family of items. Once you have everything in order and everything has a home, your daily routine will feel so much better!

5. If you have an attic or a garage, it’s a great way to put away things you don’t use often but want to keep. Just make sure you cover appropriately so they don’t get dirty. Another option is carefully compacting items in boxes and storing under the bed, or above the wardrobe. Make use of your shelves, units, cabinets, once you’ve sorted through what goes with what and everything has a home you can divide into each box or shelf and no one needs to know! You can always find great looking storage cabinets, boxes or shelves to buy in any home or interior shop, in-store and online.

6. As previously mentioned above, a great way to get rid of things is donating to charity. You can easily find a local charity shop in your area or perhaps there’s a specific charity that’s important to you, why not find out how you can donate and go ahead and make a pile. Good luck, happy sorting!